Introduction - Virgil

I reckon it'd be about time to get a word in here edgewise, seeing as Wyatt got his licks in.

The name is Marshal Virgil Earp. I know my brother likes to stalk like a rooster around Tombstone letting everyone think he's the law 'round here. Truth of the matter is I came to Tombstone first, along with my wife, Alvira (Allie)and was deputy U.S. Marshal under Fred White. When Fred White was gunned down by curly_bill, I acted as interim U.S. Marshal. Wyatt never was more than a deputy Marshal; leastways not in Tombstone.

I don't personally care what anyone thinks of the family, or the name of Earp. I'm a lawman, I mean to keep law and order, and that means keeping the peace around here. That may or may not come by using a gun, but by God, I mean to make sure that there's law and order around here.

Don't start nothin' and there won't be nothin'to worry about. That's my motto.

Wyatt Earp

I am a common man, and my greatest wish is to live a quiet life. Much to my chargin, I find I live instead as a lawman in the untamed cowtowns of Wichita, Dodge City and Far West in to Tombstone.
Tombstone is a wild, lawless, mining camp masquerading as a town. I am came to Tombstone, to make my fortune with my Brothers; Virgil and Morgan.

Instead, of living a quiet life seeking riches my Brother’s and I, took up the call of the badge. We found ourselves up against killers and thieves, of Tombstone. Killers named Curly Bill Brocious , Johnny Ringo, Ike Clanton and numerous others best known to themselves. All murders and thieves, who will be brought in to hang, for their crimes.

In amongst the bloody confrontations, it is nice to rely on my brothers and an old friend, Doc Holliday. With them, I will make this town and it’s cur’s yield to Law and God.

Wyatt Earp
~Marshall of Tombstone.

Opening of the Oriental Saloon


The Earp Brothers, announces the grand opening of the Oriental Saloon. Located on Fifth and Allen Street, Tombstone.

Patrons who wish to enter, must be suitably attired. Standard dress is dinner jacket and tie for men, women must be covered decently.

All "shady ladies" are ordered to remain outside. Among those to whom this order applies are:
Amazon Anita, Loose Lolla, Bubbles Brenda, Kerosene Kate, Rude Ruddell, Jingles Judy, Maggie the Magpie, Fommaldehyde Flo, Molly the smoocher, Dimples Mary, Typhoid Tessie, and about twenty others best known to yourselves.

Boorish activities from patrons, will not be tolerated.

Activities include: Faro tables, poker, small stage productions, whiskey, beer, and three course meals of the finest cuisine.


The finest Saloon in all of Tombstone.

~Wyatt Earp.
Marshall of Tombstone.